Services Offered

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Doggy Day Camp

Day camp is beneficial for both you and your dog! While you're out running errands or at work, you won't have to worry about whether or not your canine companion is bored at home alone or getting into things they're not supposed to. Day camp is a great source of exercise, socialization, sensory stimulation, and tons of fun!


Wheels Walks and Wags offers school bus services in the morning and evening every day.  We can take your pup to and from camp without affecting your busy schedule.  The school bus costs $10 for a one-way trip or $20 for a round-trip.


Day Camp Features:


Pack Play

Water Play


Toy Time

Individual Activities

(Agility, Art, Scent Games, Basic Obedience, etc.)

Day Camp Pricing Guide

Half Day:

6 hours of camp

$25 per 1/2 day per dog

5 Day Pass $120

10 Day Pass $230

20 Day Pass $420


Full Day:


12 Hours of Camp


$35  per full day per dog

5 Day Pass: $170

10 Day Pass: $340

20 Day Pass: $620

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Our boarding is kennel free!  Sleepovers are a great way for your pup(s) to slumber happily in the comfort of a familiar place with their friends.    


The cost is $50 per night for one dog and $85 for two dogs.  

This includes the overnight stay as well as day camp activities either the day before or after your dog's sleepover.


Dog Walking

We know how busy a schedule can get. We provide walking service to ensure your dog(s) get the exercise and socialization they need each day.


After each walk, pet parents receive a doggy log that includes: GPS check-in and check-out, a picture, and a walk report. 


We understand the importance of balanced canine health, both mental and physical aspects using positive reinforcement to maintain a healthy dog is our philosophy.


Let us help your dog(s) to keep that necessary balance in their lives. 

Dog Walk Pricing Guide

The 15 Minute - $15

The 15 Minute dog walk is enough time for a potty break and a shorter walk. 


The 30 Minute - $20

The 30 Minute dog walk is enough time for a good walk and will let your pup get the fun they want. 


The 45 Minute - $25

The 45 Minutes spent with your friend will be a longer walk and will surely make them happy.


The 60 Minute - $30

The full hour walk will get your pup the exercise they love and require. 


*Walks with multiple dogs: $5 extra per added dog

*Outside Tucson City Limits: $5 extra




Dog Training

Wheels, Walks, and Wags offers private in-home training services.  We work with dogs of all breeds and life stages.  One of the best things we can do as pet parents are learning how to communicate effectively with our dogs and understand what mechanisms they use to communicate with us.  We can help with all types of behavior related issues- just call or text today to learn more!  The cost is $100 for a 60+ minute, private lesson.  

Basic Grooming

We offer nail trims, teeth brushing, hair brushing, ear cleaning, baths, and anal gland expression as add-ons to our existing service menu.

Please see our booking site for a full list of services and prices.